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Hungry ManProjects

Ideas Beyond play Commercials

WhoandWhy ?!

Who and Why

In Brazil

We opened our first office in mid 2005.
And since it's opening, it has always been perceived
as a production company that does commercials in a different way.


FÁBIO PINHEIRO – Creative Director

RODRIGO CASTELLO – Executive Producer

Rua Wisard, 305 – Loft 12 – São Paulo  TEL. +55 11 3097-0805


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  • Sprite Shower

    porHungry Man

    -description Few things are more contentious in 40oC in the Rio summer than a cold shower. And that's exactly what we did: we built a giant shower in the form of soda machine, which turned into ‘the thing’ at Geribá in Buzios.

    -project Product Design, Build of the Shower Fountain Machine, its operation and MiniDoc of the project - 2 days in Geribá Beach, Buzios -Rio de Janeiro

    -client Sprite (The Coca Cola Company) & Ogilvy & Mather Sao Paulo

    -director Gualter Pupo

    -team Anselmo Ramos, Claudio Lima, Fred Saldanha, Danilo Janjacomo, Luiz Vicente, Fernando Saú, Nana Bittencourt, Ana Paula Perdigão, Fabiana Amorim, Gian Martinez

  • Santa’s Forgotten Letters

    porHungry Man

    -description Few people know that there is a town called Santa Claus in the U.S. and that is where are all letters sent to Santa Claus are archived. We found it, went into town and hand picked some of these letters from years ago. We than visited the homes of the owners of these
    letters carrying the same gift they had asked when they were children. Emotion from beginning to end of the project.

    -project Full Production and Research Field Team

    -client The Coca Cola Company

    -director Alex Mehedff & Ricardo Mehedff

    -team Nana Bittencourt, Luis Carlos Franco, Ana Paula Perdigão, Claudia Bastos, Guido Rosales, Alex Mehedff, Susanne Shropshire, Ricardo Mehedff, Rubens Angelo, Rodrigo Oliveira, Swing Musica, Andrés Goldstein, Daniel Tarrab, Andrés Goldstein, Daniel Tarrab

  • Night Grafitti

    porHungry Man

    -description Grafitar os muros de São Paulo com uma tinta que só aparecesse com luz negra e impactasse as pessoas espontaneamente: esse era o nosso desafio. Assim, fomos atrás de um grupo de grafiteiros de Fortaleza e grafitamos alguns dos pontos mais famosos da cidade de São Paulo.

    -project Full Production and Research Field Team

    -client Smirnoff & Weiden + Kennedy Sao Paulo

    -director João Caetano Feyer

    -team João Lopes, Rafael Gaino, André Gustavo, Elton Longhi, Juliana Aterje, Kiko Steinhoff, Renata Valio, Paula Lopes, João Caetano Feyer, Alex Mehedff, Rodrigo Castello, Greg Jenkins, Ricardo Mehedff, Jurema, Tania Cesar, Eugenio Perate, Isabela Abbes, Cibele Furuse, Nathalie Castellanos

  • Drunk Valet

    porHungry Man

    -description Have you thought about leaving your car with a valet worker completely drunk? Drivers now can understand once and for all the danger of drinking and driving. It was a fun way to raise awareness for something extremely serious.

    -project Full Production

    -client Ogilvy & Mather Sao Paulo - Bar Aurora-Boteco Ferraz Restaurant Chain

    -director Carlão Busato

    -team Carlão Busato,
Alex Mehedff, Renata Dumont, Russo Loyola, Andrea Machado, Lucas Aires, Rodrigo Oliveira, Celso Melez, Jamute Audio, James Pedrozo, Cesar Mattos, Eliezer Borges, Sanjai Cardoso, James Pedrozo, Cesar Mattos

  • aMAZEme

    porHungry Man

    -description The democratization of reading through the arts:
    this was the result of the work we did for OXFAM. aMAZEme was a maze built with 250,000 used books, open to the public at the prestigious SouthBank Centre during the 2012 Olympics in London.

    -project Creative Installation and its entire production during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Installation built in the SouthBank Centre.

    -client OXFAM

    -director Gualter Pupo & Marcos Saboya

    -team Gualter Pupo, Marcos Saboya, Alex Mehedff, Matt Buels, Jack Beardsley, Luke Scully, Sacha Bastos